Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moved on !!!

I started this blog having one objective in mind - to pass on any news, views or some interesting topics which I come across on a daily basis. This was the time when Facebook and Twitter didn't exist. I also used this blog to vent out my frustrations on media, personalities or any general happenings. The comments coming from several people encouraged me to write more and more. I loved writing music reviews and movie reviews.

But then came Facebook followed by Twitter and along with work I just couldn't find time to write anything here. Pretty much any interesting stuffs I wanted to share with my friends I started posting on facebook and twitter became my online diary where I could write, post or shout out almost anything. In short my Scattered thoughts got scattered to different websites and this blog has dust settled all over it.

In these few months I discovered a hidden passion in photography. Bought an SLR and started shooting pics. Actually traveling gave rise to this passion. And I opened a photoblog very recently which you all can check it out.

Also you can catch me on twitter ( where I try to be frequent )