Thursday, January 22, 2009

ARR nominated for Oscars, not once, not twice...but THRICE !!!!

If I'm not wrong, I think AR Rahman is now officially the first Indian with most Oscar nominations. I'm speechless, spellbounded, and running out of adjectives here. I want to go give him a hug and congratulate him and wish him best of luck. I think I'll be in tears of joy when he performs on stage in Kodak Theater. Man o man this year is turning out to be so good. First there was Obama's presidency and now ARR's first Oscar appearance. Astounding !!!!

There's no doubt that Rahman will win atleast one award, but I wouldn't be surprised if he bags both. Regardless, this is an achievement in itself. A feat which comes as a token of appreciation for all the years of hardwork he's done. Yet another proud moment for India and all Rahman fans.

Jai Ho ARR !!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking forward to...

Anytime soon - The release of Delhi 6 music

20th January - the start of Obamarama and end of the stupid Bushcrap...thank god, finally. I think we still have to stay in fear for one more week as America can be under attack as per Booosh.

22nd January - Oscar nominations out. Hoping to see AR Rahman's name in the Best original score category.

13th & 14th Feb - My baby's birthday ( oh not my kid..still time for wife's b'day ) and valentines day..Vegas babyyyyy

6th Feb - The movie I've been waiting to see since the release of its mindblowing soundtrack, DEV D.

20th Feb - Much awaited Delhi 6 releases

22nd Feb - OSCAR AWARDS !!!!!

6th March - Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie releases

And finally the most important day I'm looking forward to is this weekend. Ahhh just the fact that I can wake up whenever I want, eat whenever I want, and do whatever I want which also includes doing nothing makes me crave for saturday. Please sooooooon....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

AR Rahman has made India Proud

With Roja he captured the hearts of many down South. Birth of Rahmaniacs.

With Rangeela he created waves all over India. A phenomenon called Rahmania had begun across the country. More and more Rahmaniacs came to life.

With Bombay Dreams he took Indian Film music to a new level, made his mark in an unconquered territory yet, the Musicals. Rahmaniacs grew..

And today with Slumdog Millionaire he's put India on Global Front, made every Indian proud, made the whole world notice him and his work and finally made the unthinkable happen, becoming the first Indian to win a Golden Globe Award for the Best Original Score !!! Now Rahmaniacs include people from all over the globe.

Wow...What a journey its been from Roja to Slumdog Millionaire. Thank you very much Rahman for filling our ears with some incredible music all these years and Congratulations on behalf of the Billions who now feel honored and proud to be Indians.

Thank you Rahman...and Thank god for making this happen.

And wait...this is not the end...this is just the beginning. Waiting to see more awards, more collaborations, and more unbelievable stuff from Mozart of Hindustan. Jai Ho !!! Oscars here we come.