Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please welcome the Indian Hulk

Isn't there an amazing similarity between the two posters ??? Well one thing we can be proud of, even though the poster idea is clearly inspired from Hulk, is that Ghajini has the "Real Aamir's" bulked up body while Hulk has CGI effects one...

Are they gonna sell Ghajini action figures too ??? Might not be a bad idea actually

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Promising Delhi - 6 Promo

RDB was one of the most brilliantly made movies ever. I've even lost count of how many times I watched it.

Now Rakeysh is back with the teaser for his next movie "Delhi - 6", and going by the first impression I think this movie is gonna be as sensible and sensitive as RDB. The whole story of this guy Roshan travelling to India with his ailing Granny, and his short trip becoming the longest journey of his life where he discovers India and himself reminds me of Swades. But from his interviews its clear that this film is going to have political overtones which would certainly make it interesting.

Very slick, stylish, different moods, frames and shades of the movie captured in a minute is what came to my mind when I first saw this teaser. Loved Mohit Chauhan's humming and the lilting music by ARR. The shot where a grand gate is opened and we see New York with Sonam standing in White dress was very imaginative. I guess that might be part of a song. The cinematography looked brilliant in these short clips, especially that of Jama Masjid and the pigeon ( symbol of peace ?? ). Looking forward to 2009 for this movie...But till then Gajini...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Power Saving - A message from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Came across this very valuable advice from Dr. Abdul Kalam which if followed can bring in lot of good to not only companies but also countries.

Now there's just one concern I have regarding this. I personally have issues with booting computer everytime in the morning. It might be because of a superslow computer I have or it might just be the computer boot up time. I wanna go to the office, switch on and boom I wanna see the screen. Hate to see the windows screen. Bogs me down. So it'd be great if either the brainchildren ( plural for brainchild ) behind comps come up with a faster boot up technique or they invent a way where the comp consumes much lower wattage in sleep mode.

May be in the near future....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

AR Rahman gets Golden Globe Nomination for SdM !!!!

Wowwwwwww....God has finally answered my prayers. ARR gets his first ever nomination in Golden Globe awards for the Best Score category.

Best Original Score - Motion Picture

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Composed by Alexandre Desplat

Composed by Clint Eastwood

Composed by James Newton Howard

Slumdog Millionaire
Composed by A. R. Rahman

Composed by Hans Zimmer

Just seeing his name alongwith Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard gives me goosebumps. This is truly a great feat by any Indian music composer till date, and who better deserves it than Rahman. I'm very happy that all his hardwork has got noticed and is getting its due respect. SdM is undoubtedly an amazing score, very entertaining, got an innovative mix of genres, and on top of all... very Indian at heart.

A Golden globe nomination is itself a dream come true for me, I don't think I'll be able to control myself if he wins it.

You can go to this page and vote for ARR to win the prestigious award :

Yahoo Golden Globe awards for Best Musical Score

Now prayers start for my next big dream...a performance @ The Oscars......

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ghajini 'n' Rab ne Banana Di Jodi - Astrological Antagonism

So I was browsing today to find out if any early reviews have popped up for the much awaited RNBDJ. Unfortunately none as of now, but I sure did come across an interesting article which speaks in length about two biggies of this christmas, RNBDJ and Ghajini. It was comparison in many angles. Although I didn't care much about most of the comparisons as they were talking about history, current situation of producers, their new looks, new actress and so on, I was pulled into one comparison which I thought was pretty influential and vital. No its not the director or the music. Its the biggest name in the universe Mr. Niraj Mancchanda, Milky way Galaxy's most renowned astro-numerologist. He, apparently from his calculations using latest technologies such as Abacus, has come up with this comparison -

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi comes up to number 42. Dil To Pagal Hai came to the same number 42. Everyone knows the box-office prospects of Dil To Pagal Hai and with a good title, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has good chances at the box-office”.

About Ghajini Mancchanda says, “ Ghajini sums up to number 17. The fate of number 17 can be summed up by the film Saawariya which came to the same number. Much like Saawariya lasted only till the craze of Ranbir Kapoor survived, even Ghajini will last only till the craze of Aamir’s new look survives”.

So there you go folks. The Man has said it. According to him RNBDJ should be a hit in the lines of DTPH, even though musically its nowhere near it, and Ghajini should be a flop like Saawariya. How is this man still in the business ? Even in bad times like these ? Does that make his profession the most stable one of all? Now what happens if his prediction goes down the drain ? Can we kick him hard in his butt ? Or should we just leave him to do his thing, as the reason for his survival is the aam junta who believe in him. They believe in him coz according to the poor souls, if they succeed with his recommendation, its becoz of him, and if they don't, then its their bad luck. You know what. I've heard of guys on crack make more sense than that.

Now check this out, stars such as Isha Gopikar and Sunil Shetty changed their names as per recommendation to Eesha Koppikhar and Suniel SHITty. So in other words, these stars went to such a low level that they even didnt mind to change their good names to ridiculous and dumb ones. Thanks to Niraj. Now will he do the same if his predictions keep failing? If so then I have a suggestion, how about Niraj Mancchandi ?? :)

Having said that I am eager to watch both films. I personally favor Ghajini as its gonna be different, has Aamir in it and has got rocking music by ARR. However I'd also watch RNBDJ for SRK and may be for Adi. I don't trust YRF any more as they are constantly coming up with Duds. Lets hope for the best !!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What is this small cylindrical thing on most power adapters ??

Over the last few months I've been intrigued to learn a lot about all sorts of electronic stuffs. Things which I used to play with on a daily basis became my subjects of exploration. I guess mostly its because of my new job where I'm surrounded by geeks and nerds. And being in the RF Engineering dept I think its important to know about each and every electronic circuit, or atleast have an understanding about the circuitry. And thats how I stumbled across the Ferrite beads.

I'm surprised that even though I've been using power adapters, and various cables connecting to computers and other equipments, never once did I ask myself, "What the hell is this ugly cylinder doing in the cable ??". I guess I was self contended in assuring myself that Ignorance is bliss. Not anymore though.

So now for some technical mumbo jumbo. The small cylinders are nothing but ferrite beads, sometimes called Chokes. Their main function is to reduce RF or Electromagnetic interference. The purpose is to suppress Common Mode Noise. Let me paint a clearer picture. Computers have Oscillators in them which can potentially broadcast radio signals at their frequencies. This makes them noisy(interferers). Also because of the length of the cables which makes them long antennae, they can now carry these signals. The signals can very well interfere with TV and radio. The cables due to the same antenna property can also receive signals and trasmit them into the computers/laptops. Thus ferrite chokes/beads are placed at the end of the cables to eliminate the RF interference. They have the function of capturing or choking the signals and convert them to heat.

Heyy now we've learnt something new :).

Finally the trailer I expected from Ghajini

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dr. Manmohan Singh's response to Terrorism

I don't understand whats stopping the Congress to come up with an action plan to try and abolish any terrorist activity waiting to happen in India, or Mumbai for that matter, as unfortunately its the most affected city. It really hurts me coz whatever be the motto of the terrorists, be it against the govt. or for their freedom, or Kashmir, I don't really care...thousands of innocent people are getting killed or injured. Their family has to go to several hardships to get back to their routine life and who knows will they ever get back to that. Now that this is out in the global scene, its even humiliating to see the responses of our politicians to these attacks. While one douchebag feels these kinda small incidents happen in big cities, the other is busy with his son's shooting.

All I want is atleast in times like this, the govt. must do something for the people, from their heart within.

Peace and prayers.