Friday, August 17, 2007

"Heyy Babyy" Jeene le de is pal ko - music review

Its touted to be one of the most awaited movies of the year. Its also the directorial debut of the host of famous TV show Ikke pe Ikka, Sajid Khan. " Heyy Babyy " is all set to release in theaters on Aug 24th, and looks like the entire industry is keeping its fingers crossed, coz this is supposed to be the most expensive comedy film ever made here, with a budget of 42 crores. Also Sajid Nadiadwala had done what he does always with his movies....grab everyone's attention with catchy promos. I especially love the enigma / old spice music which comes in the end of the latest promo when the baby's diaper flies towards akshay and fardeen...hehehe. But i didnt understand why they used "This Love" by Maroon 5 song's music in background in their first trailer. Thank god that song wasnt there in the album, else it would have been a blatant lift and a blackmark on SEL's clean musical journey.

Ok as this post is regarding the music review of Heyy Babyy...lets go straight to it.

Title track "Heyy babyy" is an instantly catchy and a peppy club number. Its my favourite song from the entire album and is running @ number 1 position in my ipod most played list. If u think its a tad bit slow for a club number, then there's the Big 'O' remix of the same song for u. The antara portion of the song is what elevates the song to the top level. Of the 3 singers, pervez quadir's voice stands out as its very casual and cool...esp when he sings ' madhoshi mein kho jaane de, hota hai jo bhi yaara...ho jaane de '..main sachi mein kho gaya. Sajid khan has also used 21 'not so famous but hot' actresses in this song, so i'm sure the picturization is gonna be awesome and ice creams wud melt instantly.

Next tracks "Dholna" and "Mast Kalandar" are pretty ordinary tracks for me. We've heard better dholna style and bhangra songs in the past..however sonu nigam and shreya's flawless singing makes the former a good listen. If the previous track has more Ehsaan n Loy's touch, then these songs belong more to Shankar. I like the part of the 'dholna' song where shreya goes 'dholiya dholna raaze dil kholna...'. "Mast Kalandar" will feature Shahrukh Khan which might push it to top of the charts, but i'll pass on this song for now. Then there's "Dholna Remix" which has additional beats, but same tune. "Heyy Babyy" featuring the girl band sounds like its sung in a concert. Same tune different pitch, the only difference being the use of " Jaane jaa o jaane jaa " which we hear in the trailers...Skip to the next and we find a situational song " Jaane bhi de ". Not very impressive, but a passable song. The remix version sounds better.

Just when we feel that after a great start to this album, none of the other songs r catching up, we have a beauty in " Meri duniya tu hi re". This song is simply very sweet (Cheeni bahut Jyaada). Especially the soulful humming of all the 3 singers, Sonu, Shaan and Shankar. This song just touches your heart right from the starting music. I can't wait to see the song in the movie. I'm guessing it would come in the second half after they learn their lessons and start loving the baby.

Indiafm calls it "Undoubtedly the best soundtrack of the year so far." I hope they havnt included Salaam-E-Ishq and Guru in this years list, coz this album just has 2 outstanding songs and 3 ordinary songs and the others being remixes, compared to the other 2 movies which had all superhit songs. However, the title song and Meri Duniya are more than enuf for me to go and watch the movie. Also the lyrics by Sameer are very good for these two songs. SEL are turning out to be one of the most consistent and dependable music directors after churning out hits after hits. Go for it !!!


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