Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tata Nano - A promise made, A promise delivered

Ratan Tata finally unveiled perhaps the most-hyped four-wheeler of the year, the Rs. 1 Lakh car ($2600) Tata Nano on the Wednesday's Auto Expo in New Delhi. It was just a promise few years ago and now it has been delivered. Quite frankly I'm very pleasantly surprised that it didnt turn out to be a dumb looking model with no roof or a three wheeler car. It was actually a cool and cute looking car !!!

And even the specs were pretty appreciable for such a low priced car -

624 cc, 33 HP petrol engine which meets Bharat Stage-III emission norms and can also meet the Euro 4 norms. 30-litre fuel tank and four-speed manual gearshift, air conditioning, and most importantly a mileage of 20 kmpl in city and 26 kmpl on a highway.

I mean c'mon thats almost like 55 mpg in US, a mileage which Toyota Prius gives which is priced $ 26000 !! 10 times the price of Tata Nano.

Mr. Ratan Tata...please take a bow for making the dream of millions of Indians a reality.

Also according to him, the car is 8% smaller bumper to bumper, than the Maruti 800 but at the same time 21% larger in its interiors and can sit up to four people. And it would come in one standard version and two deluxe versions with AC.

What more would a common man in India ask for ? I know some of my family members who were pretty excited at the news and who are planning to sell their motorbikes and buy this. Even my mom loved this car and said that she might force my dad to sell our Santro, priced 3 times higher, and get this.

However it looks like the Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil isn't quite happy with the new car as he feels it'll clog the roads and increase pollution. Well thats what's he waiting for ?? Why doesn't he push the Govt. to build more roads, flyovers ? Why doesn't he develop the infrastructure rather than sitting and grumbling about it ? Oh I know...its because now he has to do more WORK...actually the WORK for which he's paid for. What a moron...


Trite said...

..he wants to be politically correct...ape the west...and take the credit without the reponsibility.