Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Presidential / VP candidates as ...

I came across this extremely funny comparisons of the current Presidential and VP candidates with various things we come across in our daily life. Its a forum where people can come up with their own creative comparisons. I'm gonna do one tonight, but till then enjoy the best ones of the lot. I'm sure the conservatives are gonna be mighty pissed seeing this...After seeing the first one you'll have an idea where these comparisons are going. This aint for all the republican admirers coz the laughing stock here are McCain and Palin :). So here we go the PVP candidates as -

Cars :

Dinner :

Horses : LMAO @ McCain as dead horse..hahahaha

Fighter Jets :

Bicycle :
Palin's baby chair..hehehhe..

Ovens :

The next one totally cracked me up soooooo much that you guys have no idea

Telecoms :

And finally the best of the best,

Trains :

hahaha...I couldn't control my laughter seeing Palin's choochoo train..and it derailed also..hahaha...poor Palin

For the rest of the comparisons go to the Fark Forums site