Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels & Demons and its music

Remember the fascinating score "Chevaliers De Sangreal" which comes at the final part of the movie Da Vinci Code? It starts from the scene where he sees the blood line all the way till the discovery of tomb of Mary Magdalene. To me that was probably the most powerful part of the entire film. After several internal mind conflicts I came to a conclusion that its that background score which made the ending so much more powerful compared to the book. The score builds slowly and continues to build into a full blown beautiful mixture of orchestration and digital synthesization. When I first listened to that track it sent chills down my spine, it did the same thing to me in the film. Only Hans Zimmer can bring out such an "Epic" feel to a score. If this score aint enough for you to believe, check out Gladiator and Thin Red Line soundtracks. Absolutely mindblowing stuff !!

And now for the new movie Angels & Demons, Hans Zimmer continues with the same score which gives me more than one reason to watch the movie this weekend. The other main reason being the brilliant book itself. I heard the movie has been made much better than Da Vinci Code, which itself I thought was real good. Check out the extended trailer which features the background score I'm talking about..