Monday, August 3, 2009

Kabhi hum Kaminey nikhle, Kabhi doosre Kaminey

Two songs, just two songs from a movie has made me comeback to the lost era of hindi fillum music. I mean literally after DevD and Delhi 6, and yeah CC2C, I found no interest whatsoever in listening to any new hindi releases. Boring and Repetitive were the only words ringing in my head when trying to listen to any new songs. All of that changed with the entrance of Kaminey. Saala Kamina itna der kar diya aane ko.

Ok coming back to the two songs, one Kaminey and two Pehli baar mohabbat, simply mindblowing stuff !!! The lyrics, the feel, the orchestration, the singing, its like everything is in a perfect harmony. I wonder why Vishal Bharadwaj doesn't make music for that many films. He's one of those few MDs who've been consistent right from their debut, the other being obviously AR Rahman. And yes Anu Malik is also there, being consistent in copying right from his debut.

Check these two songs out and also the rest of the album, but for me these are two brilliant compositions which Vishal should be really proud of. Bravo !!

P.S. - The movie promos also look pretty interesting. Shahid doesn't look that baccha anymore, may b a turning point of his career ? lets wait and watch