Friday, October 5, 2007

Microsoft and Bungie part ways

After successfully making more than $300 million in worldwide sales with "Halo 3", Microsoft Corp said today that Bungie, the crown jewel of its video game unit behind the hit "Halo" franchise, will become a separate company, opening the possibility that it could make titles for Microsoft rivals.

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Personally this news doesn't make that big of a difference to me, as I have XBox 360 and I already play Halo games. But I think this is a great welcome news for PS3 or Nintendo folks.

Whats confusing is that Microsoft said it will retain a stake in the new company, to be called Bungie LLC, and also there's news that Bungie will now be able to create games for platforms other than the Xbox 360 and not have to report to Microsoft. Why would Microsoft allow Bungie to make games created for Xbox 360 be also made for PS3, their competitor ??

However I think we would be seeing a lot more PC games in the near future from Bungie, LLC...may be even a Halo PC or a mac game.