Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taare Zameen Par - a touching teaser trailer

I might have watched this trailer more than 50 times now...and i might continue to do so till the next one comes out. I'm completely moved by this touching trailer.

Its first part shows all the playful children, their expressions, their innocence, fun and then all of sudden this child(Darsheel Safary) with sadness in his expression and a feeling that he is different from others. For a moment I forgot that its Aamir's movie and was totally absorbed in the tear-filled eyes of the child. The best part comes in the end frame where we see Darsheel gazing at a board and behind him the actor, director and producer himself. I have to admit that every time I watch this trailer, my eyes water. I read in a website that this kid is retarded in the movie, which is completely wrong. He suffers from Dyslexia, specific learning disability that manifests primarily as a difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling.

With a heart touching music by SEL in the background, this is one of the finest trailers I've seen in recent times. Hats off to Aamir for taking up movies which many would not even dare to consider.


Muzik Diva said...

Thanks Sirish for b'ful review. the trailer is enchanting beyond words....and the soothing music is just too gud :)
guess i might do a blog on it sumtime too :D
Kudos to ye once again!

Sirish said...

Hey thanks Diva...its an beautiful trailer..I mean anytime it plays on tv or internet, I'm absorbed... speechless...it leaves an impact. Good movies made with good intentions should be embraced whole heartedly, so that they would be made more often