Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Haaaave The Powerrrrr - HE - MAN

I don't know how all of a sudden I remembered He-man today, amongst all other things. I mean its been almost 20 years I guess since I watched it. Totally puzzling, but its good. Its good because it took me through a journey of my childhood. I used to wake up very early on a Sunday morning to watch it on TV. I love those days, I was so innocent and I believed in almost everything.

More importantly I believed in He-Man. I thought one day I'll get a similar sword, or something like that and turn into He-Man. Later I realised I had to go to this place called Gym to become like one...arrggghhh.. I so wanted to have the entire collection of all the characters and the castle. But it was so damn expensive. Something like Rs.300 I guess, which was a lot in those days. I think I did buy He-Man and Skeletor. Must have lost them though. I remember my younger brother even recited one full episode when he was 4 or something and my parents recorded it. lol...cracks me up when I think of it now.

The series had everything that grabbed kids attention. It had great action, music, magic and so many characters with varied powers. And best part was this whole story took place in an outer world called Eternia. Even if they play it now, I might probably watch it, even though some scenes might look a bit funny now. I even remember many characters from the series like Sorceress, Orko, Ram-man, Man at arms, Teela, the Cringer and my favorite Battle Cat, and Stratos, all being the good guys and few baddies Evil-lyn, Beast man, Tryclops and Skeletors Violet Jaguar ( forgot its name ).

This was also one of the cartoons which probably had the best ever opening song. I searched in youtube to see if I can find the introduction and yessss...god is gr8 :). Even now when I watch it, I get chills...Superb orchestration, especially when he goes I Haveeee the Powerrrrr....and then Cringer turns into Battlecat...All my memories are coming back. I'm sure it'll be the same for you too. However when I saw it now I was wondering why Prince Adam's parents could never recognize their son in He-Man....hmmm...See this is what happens when we grow up...we start to question everything...Anyways Youtube actually has lots of episodes of all you people who want to cherish one of your old moments...enzzzoy..