Sunday, December 2, 2007

A comment on Aaja Nachle review by

As soon as I saw this poster I got a PJ in my mind which I have to share it with all of you -

Does this poster mean see ...Madhuri Dixit is Back or
Does it mean see ....Madhuri Dixit's Back :)

I know I know..its pretty bad joke...anyways moving ahead...I saw this movie review on Aaja Nachle @ website, which is pretty well known site, where the reviewer said

" Music by Vishal Shekar was just about OK; none of the songs remain with you when you come out. "

Whoever wrote that review must first get all his facts correct before publishing it as it'd be read by thousands of people who visit that site regularly. The music is composed by Salim-Suleiman and not Vishal Sekhar. I tried sending them an email, but I guess they either didn't consider it very important or they didn't get a chance to read it. And so I decided to put it in my blog. Having said that though, I do agree with them that music sucks. Its a dance based movie where all the songs have got to be catchy and the over rated and supposedly talented Salim-Suleiman give some boring and uninspiring tunes. None of the songs stick in your mind after hearing except for the title track which in parts reminds me of "Rang De" from Thakshak.

Anyways, its been a very bad year for Yash Raj Productions with almost every movie failing @ the box-office, barring one gem "Chak De", a movie which Aditya didn't have so much hope on. Quite Ironical right ? After producing duds like TRPP, JBJ and LCMD, now they are back with Aaja Nachle which quite surprisingly didn't create that much interest in movie goers. I know one time when a Yash Raj banner's movie trailer appeared on big screen people went gaga over it, and that would become like talk of the town. Not this time around though.

I don't know if its because of the subjects they are choosing or the directors they are working with or the music. Even with a huge star cast in JBJ and LCMD, and some nice music, the movies bombed. Now when thats the case how can one expect just Madhuri alone to pull it off. I've been reading everywhere that Madhuri's come back is a let down. Well as far as she's concerned, she must have done an excellent job. Its got to be another let down for Yash Raj banner and not for Madhuri. If at all anyone is going for this movie, its only because of her.

I havn't watched the movie and I don't have any interest to watch it either. From promo itself I kinda got an idea what its going to be so will wait for the DVD to come out.


sloth108 said...

That was a rubbish joke, you were right on that one ;)
However I thought it was a great family entertainer. You've got Indian melodrama, music and songs which aren't disgustingly gushy or semi-porn, and a musical within a musical- what more do you want?
It a fun movie, far better than Enchanted and a gazillion time better than that awful Om Shanthi Om.

don't watch it though ... ;)

Sirish said...

hehe...the movie aint that gripping is what i'm hearing as a complaint. And more important than that for me is the music. I would have loved if someone else score music for this than Salim. They ain't that gr8 u know. But yeah taking all my positive things abt the movie into acct., i'll follow ur advice of not watchin the movie ;).