Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jodha Akbar gets 4 stars from IndiaFM !!!!!

Wowwwww...Quite unbelievable...4 stars out of 5 coming from Taran Adarsh, that too for a good movie !!! I mean c'mon he's the same guy who gave Swades 1.5 stars, Rang De Basanti 2.5 stars when he gave Heyy Babyy 4 stars and the disgusting Kabhi Alvida naa kehna 4.5 stars.

So should we believe him or not ??? I think its in best interest for everyone to judge a movie from their own perspective. I'm kind of following the trend of how Taran rates the movies and looking back at history he gives high marks for big banners and entertaining movies, but low marks for experimental or sensible movies, which I think is just absurd.

However I'm very glad that JA has turned out to be an outstanding movie. I was very very skeptical after watching the first trailer on youtube and lack of proper promotion. Although I did have some confidence on Ashutosh and Hrithik. Even ARR had told in an interview that he was very proud to be part of this movie. And what a perfect timing...Jodha Akbar would be my valentines day movie :).

By the way is it time someone shows Mr. Jogindher Tuteja the door ? Note how he finished the music review for this movie :

"Jodhaa Akbar disappoints, and how! Though the music of Lagaan was good (catching on more after the film's success), Swades was always a few steps behind. However, Jodhaa Akbar does not have much to cheer about and fails to go an extra distance. "

On Jashn e bahara song he said "However, one misses the kind of punch as expected from the first romantic song of the album and the final outcome turns out to be little lackluster with not much in the song pulling a listener for a repeat hearing."

And he gave 2 stars to the album.

Now Taran says "A.R. Rahman's music is not the type that you take to instantly, but yes, it gels beautifully with the mood of the film. 'Azeem-o-Shaan Shahenshah' and 'Jashn-e-Bahara' are the best tracks in terms of tune."

Can we ever get more contradictory statements than this in the same website ??? Didn't Jogindher know the music was for a period movie or did he just expect some club songs or techno songs ???


Sista said...

Sirish bro! You crack me up! I only recently found your blog while researching some Rahman songs.

I am the woman that made the statment to my husband: "were I not married I'd be seeking a position as a Janitor in Rahman's studio"

Your acumen for music I was convinced of the day i found your blog a couple of weeks ago and today I came back to check out who sung the female part in "In lamhon" and discovered the other/hilarious side of you - I so completely agree with your assessment of Taran Aadarsh, its like my very words brother...

way to go! and thanks....

- S i R i S h - said...

hehe...thanx seriously Taran Adarsh is a crackpot...he had told in his movie review for Life in a Metro movie that the movie would have been path breaking if not for the poor screenplay by Anurag Basu. And Anurag Basu wins filmfare award for BEST SCREENPLAY for the same movie...hehe..How can I trust this guy anymore ???

Anonymous said...

Your last line just struck me...i seriously was thinking whether that guy was expecting a party/celebration song like "where's the party tonight" or "dhoom machale" or any remixes.. when the great emperor Akbar is making love to his wife or people tributing a 500 years back!!....hee...hee that would have been funny....