Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jodha Akbar - why these controversies and contradictory news ?

Whats this now..few days ago on 22nd Feb I read @ Rediff site this exciting news about Jodha Akbar makin over 34 crores in India and that its gonna make more and today I read on the same site that Jodhaa Akbar stumbles in India, races ahead abroad. Why can't a website stick to what it proclaimed and give the right news to people ? I don't want to read one day that Mr.X is dead in an unfortunate accident. And the next day in the same site I read Mr.X was saved by people in the last minute and he's healthy. And the 3rd day I read Mr.X died on the way. I mean we just can't trust the site anymore...Some news are damaging for people..and these kind of news items are really damaging for the movie.

First news --> Money spinning Jodha Akbar - http://www.rediff.com/movies/2008/feb/22ja.htm

Next news --> Jodhaa Akbar stumbles in India, races ahead abroad-

According to a release from Imagesmiths, the public relations firm that was handling Jodhaa Akbar for UTV, the film made Rs 52.70 crores in India in 10 days, and Rs 21.30 crores in the overseas market. And the movie was produced for Rs. 40 crores. I don't think I'm that stupid, but to me it looks like...mmmm...lets see...Rs. 52.70 + Rs.21.30 = Rs. 74 crores which is more than 40 crores. So how in the world Rediff says Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodhaa Akbar would have become a loser at the box office if it had not done brilliantly overseas.

All this even when the movie isn't released in Rajasthan, where the stupid govt. banned the movie for the fact that they don't agree Jodha was Akbar's wife, when they shamelessly accepted Mughal-e-azam which showed Akbar and Jodha happily married. God save the ignorant people !!!

I'm reading many complaints against the movie in several sites and I think I have an answer for most of them if not for all as some complaints are just stupid and based out of ignorance.

1) Akbar's wife was not Jodha, it was Maan Kunwar - You think Ashutosh was stupid to make a movie about them without even researching this one story ? Or do you question the historians who wrote about Akbar and Jodha ? Before the start of the movie, Ashu clearly states that there are many versions of the story and this is his version. He also says there are many names of Jodha in several books and he's stuck to Jodha. What more do you want ?? You'll boycott the movie for this insignificant thing ????

2) There is no mandir in Agra Mahal - I don't know about that. But I felt that was a very noble gesture. Ashu just potrayed Akbar as a benevolent king. Whats wrong with that ?? I remember reading in my history class that he was the only Moghul who was tolerant of many religions. This was one way to showcase that and I thought it was not bad. And honestly, once the movie went in the love angle between Jodha and Akbar, I was just lost in it...I didnt freakin care about any historical inaccuracies.

3) Akbar never married jodha as hindu girl,they forced her to accept Islam - Well again...several historians have several versions of the story...Historians who hated Akbar and Moghuls in general would have potrayed him in that way. Personally I think if they had shown Jodha as forced to get married, then movie would have surely not been released or the screen would have been set on fire. Is that what we all want ?

4) Rajputs were shown as loser(in reality they were great warriors) - I think this is the big one. This must have been the main cause for folks in Rajasthan not able to see the movie. Well truth does hurt. Its inevitable. Rajputs might have been great warriors, no doubt. But under circumstances they had to do things to save their territory, their people. In that way I think Raja Bharmal was a great king. He could sacrifice his own daughter to save the land and millions of people living in his land. Find me another person in these times who did that.

5) Hrithik did not suit the role. Directors should choose more suitable actors for such roles instead of their star value - I strongly feel Jodha Akbar got that initial rush at Box office mainly because of Hrithik. He was charismatic as Akbar and carried off well. Sometimes star value does help in movies like such. That will make people go and watch them on big screen. Else they'll be avoided no matter how good the movie is. Remember Bose..the Forgotten Hero !!! How it became Bose..the Forgotten Movie.

6) The length of the movie - I watched the movie 2 times. Believe me I never felt it was long. I didnt care much for the initial 20 mins which had the history going. But I loved each and every moment of the love story between Jodha and Akbar. I loved the sets, palaces, costumes, grandeur, acting and most importantly the MUSIC. There was something going on everytime. In these fast moving times I know its hard to even press talk button and wait till the other person picks up his / her fone. Instead we do SMS and keep going. But I think once a while it's really worth to sit back and enjoy beauty at its own pace.

So there you go...those are my 2 cents. I personally felt the movie was very good. I thought Hrithik did a brilliant job. AR Rahman's music was heart-warming. Aish looked graceful. And even the rest of the cast were perfect like Kulbhushan, Punam Sinha, Sonu Sood, Ila Arun and Akbar's brother in law ( forgot his name ). The pace of the movie was just right. Please don't watch this movie to complain about any historical inaccuracies. I'll tell you a better way...complain about inaccuracies in movies like Dhoom2 where Abhishek was able to stay under water with his Jet Ski turned on for a long time, or movies like Partner where a toy rocket designed by a kid could almost kill Salman and he had to let Govinda leave the yacht.

I loved 300 for its sheer painting like visuals. For its awesome effects, slow motion fights and superb acting.
I loved Troy for Brad Pitt and his brilliant potrayal of Achilles and once again for its effects and music. Also for Hector potrayed by Eric Bana.
I loved Gladiator for Ridley Scott's amazing direction, Russell Crowe and the unique subject which also had entertaining fights like chariot fight, fights with Tigers and ofcourse the finale in Rome.
And finally I loved Jodha Akbar for Hrithik, AR Rahman's music, grand sets and costumes, Azeem-o-shaan's choreography and Ashutosh's potrayal of the beautiful love story.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you. if people care about historical accuracies why dont they read the books themselves? just because it is not 'entertaining', right?
ashutosh has made such a grand and beautiful and yet clean movie, how can they just think about the flaws? i feel sorry for those who could not enjoy the movie.

Anonymous said...

This time your review sounds very hard with words like “freakin”. Explanations were fare enough, best way to take things is “When you find persons pointing mistakes take it positively” Guru Bhai says “Samjho ke tarakki karraheyho” hehehehe…

- S i R i S h - said...

You are right man...i did sound pretty hard. But I had to vent out my anger coz its ridiculous when they say JA isnt doing good in small centers and thus its stumbling and a flop. Also all these unnecessary complains..But yes I should follow our Guru Bhai's philosophy :) ...btw Taran Adarsh agreed today in Indiafm site that this movie aint a flop, and his explanation is almost the same as mine.

Janavi said...

I loved this movie. I saw it from tape. I cant get enough of it. I loved the music. Everything about this movie was A++ the hero , heroin, music sets and acting. I loved it even better than Mughl-e Azm. This movie should be called Mugh-e-Awesome. I have already heard the music 100 times. the song In-lambon ke daaman me reminded me of Bolero. It was such a poerful expression of sensuality and passion with so much dignity.

Janavi said...

I pity those who cant appreciate this movie or refuse to see this movie. we have accept history however it may hurt us. This movie in no way far from truth.

- S i R i S h - said...

Totally agreed Janavi. Love the way u put it ...Mugha-e-awesome :)...perfecto