Friday, September 19, 2008

Enigma - Seven Lives Many Faces released !!!!!

Ok ....I'm back...finally after a long vacation...Obviously there aint gonna be any fireworks or media coverage...I'm not that special...yet! But it just feels good to be back on the blogosphere. I missed blogging...really.

Anyways 3 months seems short,but if I start counting what all passed by, its mindboggling. Our First anniversary, Parents visit, In laws visit, US tour, job hunt and then eventually change, apartment hunt and finally change, new car wreckage, Dark knight, Jaane tu ya jaane na, birthday, bomb blasts, Losing money on stocks. I've never been through such a time before and I wonder how me and my wife pulled it off.

Now I just wanna relax, settle down, take a nap in a private beach with less crowd, sippin on Corona w/lime. Ok what else am I missing.....MUSIC !!!!

And it happens at the right time. Michael Cretu presents us his seventh Enigma Project "Seven Lives Many Faces" today. I've already heard all the songs about hundred times when it got prescreening on myspace couple of days ago. Now I can't wait to grab the 2 Disc collection including the bonus tracks. Also today is the start of a new journey called EnigmaSpace.

You have to check out the site. Its fantastic! Never expected something as elaborate. I've been following enigma since 1995 and Michael never disappointed me. Infact he continues to surprise me more and more with his innovative style. Enigma 7 is an amazing album and its also touted to be the best of Enigma. I would however put it as one of the best, as my all time favorite is Cross of Changes. But we'll see. I havn't yet heard this one in the best of the best Bose Quality. So far I'm completely hooked on to "Same Parents", "Seven Lives", "La Puerta Del Cielo", "Je T'aime Till my dying day", and "Deja Vu". I'm sure in the next few days, the entire album will be playing in repeat mode. Also the artwork for this album is high quality, I guess their best Artwork till date.

As we all know, the best way to listen to Enigma is light some candles and find the trusty bass-boosting headphones for the "real" experience. Even if you're at work on my laptop, just close your eyes and pretend that you're not stuck in hell !! Thats the spirit of surrounding yourself with a enigmatic backdrop to hear the album.

So there you go...Now you can keep checking my blog every now and then to catch on some latest and interesting happenings ....Adios and happy listening