Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Same Parents - Seven Lives Many Faces

One of the best ever songs from Enigma. The song starts off with a young girl asking some questions to us…Who is willing to answer him? Who’s willing to explain the never-ending nonsense wars to this innocence?
We all had the same parents,
Many million years ago,
Why can’t we live in FREEDOM?
Without hunger with no war…

The adult male spoken voice in this song sounds like when you're half asleep and someone's talking to you, but you're not sure whether it's in your dream or someone is trying to wake you up. Great Composition Michael !!!


Nivedita said...

Heyy Sirish,

I really liked the "Same Parents"!!! I must say, it's a very soothing and consequential collection of Enigma!! Wanting to get hold of the whole album son!!

Good one!


- S i R i S h - said...

Yeah Nivedita..Same Parents is a beautiful composition...similar effort was made in Enigma 3 with the song "Why" which was another amazing track. While that song had a furious tone venting out our frustrations, this one is calm, accepting the reality and just asking why...why can't we live in freedom.