Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guzarish - Ghajini

Actually this being an out and out action thriller, I was kinda disappointed by the first trailer. I was excited at first coz we got first few glimpses of the movie for which I was waiting over an year. Anyways now we get to hear a sample of the first song promo. It sounds pretty good in first hearing itself. So that means instant hit for sure. Also it takes me to Saathiya / Alaipayuthe Hasti rahe tu hasti rahe tune. Instantly likable. Also the visuals are stunning. Looks like Aamir and Asin have a great chemistry together. Have to wait a lil bit more to make the judgement.

It reminds me of the video like O rey chori or Tu hi tu satrangi re...Isolated, deserted, just the 2 of them, romantically getting sunburnt :) ...I'm glad we are getting past the side dancers era. I seriously hate that. I mean if the main leads want to romance, sing duets, why the hell do they want some side dancers to see that ?????