Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its Dev D after No Smoking's K

Last year glamorous Bollywood witnessed the release of the so called biggest Box office turkey, the dark, gloomy and totally absurd "No Smoking". Many hated it, few loved it, but everyone discussed about it. Many critics thrashed it and I just felt pity for them for their miniscule peanut sized brains that couldn't decipher the hidden metaphors of this enigmatic movie. Anyways in the future we'll surely remember it as one of those cult movies, a movie which dared to be different from the rest. After watching No Smoking again and again and again, I became a huge fan of this "David Lynch" of Bollywood. And I came to know from one of his interviews that he was making Dev D with Abhay Deol. I just don't know how time passed by but the next news about the movie I read was that the trailer is out.

So what is this movie all about. Dev D is Anurag K's take on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's classic Devdas, and thankfully its poles apart from the boring and sleep-inducing SRK's Devdas. Anurag has used Devdas as an adjective and not as a work of literature or cinema; it’s a look at relationships through the phenomenon that is Devdas. While the original Devdas was an alchoholic, our Dev is a full on drug addict. Sounds quite interesting right ?? You don't have to pull your brains to figure out how it'd be as he presents us the first trailer of Dev D.

I thought that was ek dum solid Funtastic trailer. Dev seems like a man in his own imaginary world, not giving a fcuk to what others say or think, similar to K in No Smoking !! The shots with camera attached to the body was awesome. The color scheme used is neat, kinda European movies style. But above all the most fascinating part of the whole trailer was the music. It was spot on, high energy, very addictive. No wonder its by Amit Trivedi, the man behind the amazing soundtrack Aamir. It seems Dev D has a kickass soundtrack of 15 songs comprised on a variety of genres... wooohoo...musical feast!!! Now all this certainly makes it a movie to watch out for next year.

P.S - Did u notice the start of the song...ek do teen char chey !! No paanch, which happens to be AK's first movie which never got to see the light...man the more we pay attention, the more we discover. Way 2 go AK !!

Anurag Kashyap: When people hate No Smoking, they hate it with passion. They write pages on why it doesn’t work. They compare with Kafka’s K, they talk about how it deviates from Lynch or they’d critically dissect k’s character in the movie. Do you get the compliment? You can only hate something so fervently only when it moves you as much.


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