Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking forward to...

Anytime soon - The release of Delhi 6 music

20th January - the start of Obamarama and end of the stupid Bushcrap...thank god, finally. I think we still have to stay in fear for one more week as America can be under attack as per Booosh.

22nd January - Oscar nominations out. Hoping to see AR Rahman's name in the Best original score category.

13th & 14th Feb - My baby's birthday ( oh not my kid..still time for wife's b'day ) and valentines day..Vegas babyyyyy

6th Feb - The movie I've been waiting to see since the release of its mindblowing soundtrack, DEV D.

20th Feb - Much awaited Delhi 6 releases

22nd Feb - OSCAR AWARDS !!!!!

6th March - Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie releases

And finally the most important day I'm looking forward to is this weekend. Ahhh just the fact that I can wake up whenever I want, eat whenever I want, and do whatever I want which also includes doing nothing makes me crave for saturday. Please sooooooon....