Thursday, January 22, 2009

ARR nominated for Oscars, not once, not twice...but THRICE !!!!

If I'm not wrong, I think AR Rahman is now officially the first Indian with most Oscar nominations. I'm speechless, spellbounded, and running out of adjectives here. I want to go give him a hug and congratulate him and wish him best of luck. I think I'll be in tears of joy when he performs on stage in Kodak Theater. Man o man this year is turning out to be so good. First there was Obama's presidency and now ARR's first Oscar appearance. Astounding !!!!

There's no doubt that Rahman will win atleast one award, but I wouldn't be surprised if he bags both. Regardless, this is an achievement in itself. A feat which comes as a token of appreciation for all the years of hardwork he's done. Yet another proud moment for India and all Rahman fans.

Jai Ho ARR !!