Monday, December 14, 2009

Kick - Ass movie's gonna b Kick - Ass

This weekend is gonna be a big one for me. No I'm not talking about Christmas shopping. I'm talking about the movie which is gonna change the way we look at movies in the future. And no again, I'm not talking about My name is Khan. A v a t a r !!!! has been in my brain for quite sometime now. I finally can get it down from brain to my heart this friday and hopefully it settles down there for a long time. Many people are waiting with bated breath for this movie and the reasons are numerous. For me, I just wanna be blown away..I wanna feel excited like a kid jumping on his seat..with mouth wide open..I wanna be lost in the dreamy bio luminescent world of Pandora..I just wanna get magically transported to somewhere beyond my imagination. So friday it is..IMAX 3D it is..James Cameron plz dun disappoint me.

Now while the whole world's talking about Avatar, there came a new teaser from a movie which I didn't have any idea about. Kick - Ass, starring one of my all time fav actor Nicolas Cage. Its about this hardcore superhero comics fan who decides to take his hobby into reality and becomes a superhero. The only problem being, he's a superhero with absolutely zero powers. There's a trailer floating around for quite a while which kinda gives you an intro into the characters. But this new trailer is a very unique and totally unconventional one. When you'll watch it you'll know what I'm talking about. I think this movie's gonna be truly Kick - Ass.