Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally BCCI wakes up..

I just read this news in Indiafm website about BCCI not taking SRK’s appearance for cricket matches in ‘the right sense’. SRK is obviously upset on this comment, but I don't see anything wrong on BCCI's part. Instead I feel they are finally waking up.
This is what they had to say -

" The senior Cricket board officials commented that stars are using cricket matches to promote films. Ratnakar Shetty mentioned that use of the platform of cricket for promoting films by celebrities is "slightly debatable" in the wake of SRK's latest film, Om Shanti Om as it came up for discussion during a chat with TV commentator, Rameez Raja at the recent Jaipur ODI cricket match between India and Pakistan. "

However SRK added that he went to watch the match as a sports lover and that he does not have to depend on other's platforms to push his films. It is because his children are fans of Sachin, Dhoni, and Sourav. Meanwhile BCCI Vice President, Rajiv Shukla said that the Board has no objection to SRK or any other celebrity coming to watch the matches.

We've been seeing Khan off late appearing in matches involving the Indian team. He was there to cheer the team in the final of the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa and then again at the Twenty20 match against Australia in Mumbai, where Deepika Padukone ( coincidence ??? ), his co-star in his recent movie Om Shanti Om, was also present. He was also seen wearing a T-shirt which read "Om Shanti Om". He was then seen at the last ODI against Pakistan in Jaipur and talked about his new movie ( obviously) in the commentary box. He wanted to see the Kanpur ODI as well, but the local authorities vetoed the move saying it would be difficult for them to arrange for security and control the crowd.

I read in many other websites that The Star is being considered a lucky mascot for the Indian cricket team. When did that happen ? After India winning Twenty20 ? What happened to the match at Jaipur where India didn't do the victory dance as our 'Men in Blue' lost to the 'Men In Green', Pakistan, by 31 runs ?

I had earlier written an article on this issue in my blog, and did mention that movies shouldn't get into sports.

Click here for my article on this - Cricket and Movies stars

I don't want to see Shahrukh in a sports column of any paper. C'mon.. We go to stadium to watch Cricket, not stars. Its our country playing. I don't wanna hear about OSO in a cricket match. If its about SRK trying to publicize his movie why not do it in an AIDS event, or may be in a no drinking, no smoking event ? Or for that matter in a Ranji Trophy which nobody watches. At least that part of cricket gets publicized.

SRK is a big big star in India. He has the capacity to pull crowds to anyplace he wants. Then why not involve people in places they generally ignore. At least he would do some good to the country instead of doing good to himself.

On the contrary, its also possible that this whole thing is a publicity stunt by Ratnakar Shetty himself. Now then thats a whole different issue. Anything is possible in this publicity and media crazy world.


NOT-SRK-FAN said...

you are pretty messed up in head! clearly you cant stop a person from coming to a game, and if he is a celebrity thats not his fault that people would want to talk to him/ about him. get over it, it is stupid

Sirish said...

'Jab Log Tumhari Burayi Karne Langen Toh Samajh Lo Tarakki Kar Rahe Ho'- I take your comment as a compliment :). I hope you grow up soon. Everyone has opinions and mine can be different from yours, which it is. I never said anything about stopping SRK from going to the game. He sure can, and why shouldn't he?? but not sporting OSO Tshirt, cap or underwear...but rather sporting an Indian flag Tshirt or get what i'm saying ??

ashi said...

i agree with you, if SRK was a hard core cricket fan then he wouldn't be seen with his co-star Deepika Padukone. I agree that his kids may be loving Sachin, Dhoni and Sourav and so he was there for the match. And I also agree that there was no need of him talking about his forthcoming movie. But at the same time I think that BCCI is just pushing the whole issue. Agree that whatever he did was not right but don't you think by blogging about him you are giving him more fame and more publicity to his new flick OSO. Join me with the discussion on it on

Sirish said...

you are right ashi...i was thinking about it just after i posted. Any article is a publicity and by doing this I also joined the bandwaggon of publicity. But a day ago I came across a comment on this article on sify website where one guy said that nobody ever thought of it or talked about this in this angle. Every website was just praising SRK for his patriotism, which I didnt agree. And hence this post.