Friday, November 30, 2007

Google going to bid in 700 MHz auction

No more more doubts...after releasing news about their GPhone, Google has announced today that they will be bidding in the 700 Mhz auction!

"We believe it's important to put our money where our principles are," said Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google. "Consumers deserve more competition and innovation than they have in today's wireless world. No matter which bidder ultimately prevails, the real winners of this auction are American consumers who likely will see more choices than ever before in how they access the Internet."

This is great news. First internet, next various apps for mobiles, then a phone, and now into wireless industry. They are getting ready to take on the world. Google feels that there should be at least one mobile network where the operator does not restrict - or attempt to restrict - customers' choices of hardware or Internet services - so called 'open access'.

Will they win the auction? I don't know, but I hope so. They are ready to pay $4.6 Billion cash. And now if they win it, the whole wireless industry scene in the US is going to change. Already after just this announcement we see Verizon opening up their network to any compatible device. Imagine what would happen when they get the spectrum...However the question remains if they'll build and roll out their own network or partner with another company which is already into building a network.

Here's the official news from Google Press center


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