Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jodhaa Akbar's First Theatrical Trailer

Finally we get to see JA's First Theatrical trailer. After seeing it I have to tell you that it does make a whole lot of difference watching something taken from a cam and original high quality version. The trailer did look very grand. Many things were happening. Some scenes reminded me of "Troy" movie. One thing which really stood out in this original trailer was the grand background music by AR Rahman. Loved the songs Azeem o shaan and Marhaba. I don't know if they both are part of same songs or different ones. The duel between Hrithik and Sonu might be a fight to watch out for, if Ashutosh executed as good as Achilles and Hector's duel in Troy. I hope to catch this promo on big screen today, as I'm gonna check out Om Shanti Om.