Thursday, March 13, 2008

AR Rahman's KM Music Conservatory

Whatever AR Rahman does, we either admire or get inspired. Check out the video where ARR and few other music professionals talk about his "once a dream, now a reality" KM Music Conservatory.

Rediff published some additional information in their article Now, you can learn music from A R Rahman

Thank you Rahman for this great initiative. I'm sure every single aspiring musician will be delighted with this news. I just wished this had come 10 yrs ago when I was deciding whether to take up Engineering or Medicine :(


Nirmal Simon said...

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Humpvi said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for filling up the vaccum in orchestral music in India. My children study the violin and the cello here and because of them I was exposed to good orchestras and I was shocked to see the string section bows going in every which direction in a Sa Re Ga Ma final competition. I could not believe that we lacked in proper training of an orchestra. I would like to see more musicians paying special attention to this. Especially when they have an orchestra to play live, the least they could do is point out the obvious mistake to them. It is a matter of fixing the bowing. I believe the musicians are experienced enough to fix this with great ease. Thanks again.