Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Image Preview Extension for Firefox

Craigslist and Mozilla Firefox for me are two of the most wonderful things that happened in the internet world. One made buying and selling a lot simpler and quicker, while the other took browsing to a whole new level from the ancient stone age Internet Explorer.

Two cool things about Firefox are the various themes you can customize it with and the sea of extensions/add ons it supports. Today I came across this Image Preview Extension for Firefox that will allow you to see a thumbnail of the Craigslist images without clicking on each ad. You won't believe how useful its going to be for someone like me who constantly visits the site for something or the other. With this add on the search is going to be much faster as the images are there right in the search results screen. Also with the new update of this extension they've added Added image hover effect, meaning a larger image will show in the top right of the screen on mouseover. Pretty cool !!!

Thanks Mac for creating this amazing tool..


yorkpeople said...

Now available for IE too.