Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Last of Iraqis - a thought-provoking blog

Today I came across this blog which completely caught my attention. All the while our media here kept portraying that we have won the Iraq war, and that all the civilians are happy about the fact that we are there and much more. After reading this blog all my views have changed. I haven't yet finished reading the whole blog, but the first two posts were good enough for me to know that we all are being made fools here believing what the media wants us to believe in.

The Iraqi blogger, Mohammed, a 25 year old dentist, is right in the middle of everything and constantly updating his Blog. He describes the fights, how the U.S. army is responding and what the local people think. Plus he's connecting all the latest happenings in a way you won't hear from either CNN or Faux News! His only wish being to make a difference or even share his grief with the whole world and give them an idea about what's happening here from the point of view of a civilian living in the war zone not from the politicians nor people who gets their benefits from the conditions.

Believe me, its an amazing read. More insightful than anything you will find on the TV news.

Mohammed, please stay safe and may God bless you for having the courage to report the truth.