Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aamir Khan Productions' DOG

OK you might think I wasted my precious 30 mins in comin up with this picture, but when Aamir can waste his time and write a blog on his newfound dog, Shahrukh, and when many websites can waste their time and readers time in writing their views about his post, I think my hour isn't really wasted. I just wanted to come up with a catchy title to this post and in the process remembered SRK's DON...then few tweaks here and there and we get SRK's DOG :).

I understand a lot of SRKs fans are offended by this cheap stunt, infact its a shocker even to many who adore Aamir. Yes, its low for Aamir to make such a comment but you gotta agree that SRK isn't a saint either. He's poked fun at several revered film personalities before. And we all clearly know (if not, Justin Timberlake reminded us last year in his song) What goes around comes back around. Its all part of the game guys...tit for tat, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Personally I think SRK is a great entertainer and performer, while Aamir is a great talented actor. And all of this is just a publicity stunt.
Cheap ? I guess,
Bad ?? I don't think so as its garnered enough attention.
Funny ??? To me :) bcoz I don't consider SRK as God like many others do and so it doesnt offend me, and just naming a dog Shahrukh sounds ridiculously funny. hehehe...

Is this gonna be a new trend ? naming pets after famous stars ?? I don't know..

As the song from Bombay Dreams goes -
Contradictions, City of extremes, anything is possible in Bombay Dreams !!!

P.S. -On a sidenote if you think about it, a dog is man's best friend, and by Aamir naming his dog Shahrukh, I think he tried to tell the whole world that Shahrukh is his Best Friend :):)


Sridhar said...

hahaha super funny ... can't stop laughing haha

Curious said...

haha yep.. to read on Aamir's blog was funny indeed.. more hilarious was the coverage that the yellow media gave it! :)