Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Incredible trailer from The Incredible Hulk

Seems like Edward Norton has bundled together a lot of amazing action sequences in this movie. I am really looking forward to this movie alongwith The Dark Knight, even though many of whom I know aren't really interested. And all the credit to make even hardcore Hulk fans run away from Hulk must go to Ang Lee's version. That movie didnt even have a solid Villain. And it had more of a documentary feel than action. Here we have a cool villain ( read creepy and scary ) Abomination. And on top of that its Marvel's second production venture after their first hugely popular and successful Iron Man. I believe even Tony Stark does a cameo in this movie.

I'm tellin ya this movie's gonna kick some serious ass... Btw did anyone notice this from the new trailers ? The previous hulk looked a bit sad, had short hair, and looked like he wanna cry all the time, while the new hulk is much more pumped up, like a ruthless,angry and fiery monster, and yes with longer hair. Atleast in that area they've made a faithful adaptation of the comic book.


sista said...

I guess yours is the testosterone perspective "I'm tellin ya this movie's gonna kick some serious ass..." but I too will go see the movie...if only for Edward Norton -never stopped loving the guy post Primal Fear....such a good (and good looking!) actor!...I hope it has some inward psychotic stuff in addition to the action, Norton is terrific at that.

- S i R i S h - said...

hehe...u can say that :). Actually Eddy being the screenplay writer kindled interest in me about this movie. And believe me Hulk is all about inner struggles, so you will find lot of those inward psychotic stuff. Did u watch his Fight club movie ???