Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na and ADA released !!!!!!

Two AR Rahman albums at the same time. Hasn't happened in a long time. The last I remember was in Tamil, Alaipayuthe and Kandukondein Kandukondein. I'm very very happy just for that one fact alone, leave aside the fact how the songs are. 18 songs are just way too much to digest. Every track I'm listening I can't forward or skip. I don't know when I'll finish listening and when I'll write about them.

My short review based on just one time listen is that Jaane tu ya jaane na carries a very contemporary fresh feel with simple and nice lyrics. For those who miss RDB's music, this one's a real treat. And ADA has some great instrumentation and ARR's song is top notch in this. However I felt 2 song were a bit outdated, but again I havn't heard them enough.

So for now happy listening and watch out for this space for a more elaborate review.


VijayGanesh. S said...

A.R. Rahman's ADA is a highly experimental album - probably due to its age - 6 years...

This album would appeal only to two category of people - Rahman's die hard fans & serious music followers.

Others are strictly advised to avoid this album and better take shelter with your regular, comfortable music which you are used to :(

Only the ishq ada, gum sum jil mil track sounds decent and the rest are all sleepy, below average, lacklustre, experimental tunes in 1960-1980s mode !!!

This album would flop heavily and can find a place along with Lakeer, kabhi na kabhi, kadhal virus etc...

- S i R i S h - said...

vijay, you missed out the melodious Meherbaan and breezy Hawa sun hawa...what about the stylish orchestration of Gulfisha ?? I don't know how big the album would be a hit as that depends on the publicity and movie appeal too. But yes some songs do sound outdated and sound like they belong to late 90s.