Thursday, December 18, 2008

Promising Delhi - 6 Promo

RDB was one of the most brilliantly made movies ever. I've even lost count of how many times I watched it.

Now Rakeysh is back with the teaser for his next movie "Delhi - 6", and going by the first impression I think this movie is gonna be as sensible and sensitive as RDB. The whole story of this guy Roshan travelling to India with his ailing Granny, and his short trip becoming the longest journey of his life where he discovers India and himself reminds me of Swades. But from his interviews its clear that this film is going to have political overtones which would certainly make it interesting.

Very slick, stylish, different moods, frames and shades of the movie captured in a minute is what came to my mind when I first saw this teaser. Loved Mohit Chauhan's humming and the lilting music by ARR. The shot where a grand gate is opened and we see New York with Sonam standing in White dress was very imaginative. I guess that might be part of a song. The cinematography looked brilliant in these short clips, especially that of Jama Masjid and the pigeon ( symbol of peace ?? ). Looking forward to 2009 for this movie...But till then Gajini...