Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dr. Manmohan Singh's response to Terrorism

I don't understand whats stopping the Congress to come up with an action plan to try and abolish any terrorist activity waiting to happen in India, or Mumbai for that matter, as unfortunately its the most affected city. It really hurts me coz whatever be the motto of the terrorists, be it against the govt. or for their freedom, or Kashmir, I don't really care...thousands of innocent people are getting killed or injured. Their family has to go to several hardships to get back to their routine life and who knows will they ever get back to that. Now that this is out in the global scene, its even humiliating to see the responses of our politicians to these attacks. While one douchebag feels these kinda small incidents happen in big cities, the other is busy with his son's shooting.

All I want is atleast in times like this, the govt. must do something for the people, from their heart within.

Peace and prayers.