Sunday, February 22, 2009

AR Rahman wins both Oscars..and boy what a performance that was

It was Padmashri AR Rahman few months back in papers and websites.

Then it was Golden Globe award winner AR Rahman few days back.

And ladies and gentlemen, now it is TWO TIME ACADEMY AWARD WINNER A R RAHMAN !!!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable....truly unbelievable moment for all the fans all around the world.

My hands are trembling while I'm typing this, my heart overjoyed, I've never ever seen anyone winning two oscars on the same night back to back and that too in their debut AND that too from a non-american country.

And what a way to end the magical moment...

" Ellam Pugazhum Iraivanukke " - All Praises to Lord

This is an evening that certainly would go down as THE moment in the history of Indian Cinema and Indian music. And AR Rahman it completely belongs to you. Thank you ...thank you so much for making us proud !!!