Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bye Bye Circuit City

I'm not really a fan of Circuit City, but still this has been one of the giants from the time i came to the States. I still remember the first black friday sale when we guys were standing outside CC at around 4 am and ran like mad dogs when the doors opened @ 6 am to pick up free CD packs :). Yes those days CDs weren't that cheap and iPod had just arrived. No I'm not old school, I'm talking about 2001, just starting my college.

Anyways couple of days ago me and my wife saw big "Going out of business, massive discounts" sign @ the CC near our house and so we decided to go check it out. And believe me, there was nothing we saw which we thought was cheaper than what we get online. May be paper towels, which also were on sale, but thats about it!!!! Now what kind of massive discounts were they talking about ??

So yeah, with the rise of e-business and stiffer competetion from Best Buy, its no surprise that this one had to go down. However at a worst time like this, the fall of a major giant like Circuit City is depressing. Also imagine the state of all its employees. damn !!!! Hope somebody gets everyone out of this huge mess soon.