Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kaisi hai yeh rut ke jis mein phool banke dil khile

While driving back home in crazy traffic of LA where the max speed attainable was 20 mph, all I wanted was every single car to come to a complete stop, except for mine which wud still move at 20 mph, and that I wud enjoy my drive in slow motion. Weird right ?? well that didnt happen naturally, but that fleeting moment of serenity happened with the help of this song from Dil Chahta hai. I don't know how i remembered this song, but for me this was the song of the moment which transported me to that mysterious world of slow motion. All happening in my mind...on the freeway...

Dekho, nadi ke kinaare
Panchhi pukaare kisi panchhi ko
Dekho, yeh jo nadi hai
Milne chali hai saagar hi ko
Yeh pyaar ka hi saara hai caarvaan