Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Didn't Sri Lankans believe Indian Intelligence ???

A sad day for Cricket. But then again why did Sri Lanka ever go to Pakistan to play when India canceled their tour for security reason. Did they not trust Indian Intelligence ? I don't want to dwell into these issues, but I somehow feel Sri Lankans learnt a lesson or two from this. On the other hand, Pakistan as a country is still fresh in news for the Mumbai blasts and this act of terrorism just adds more fuel to the fire.

What boggles my mind is that the after the attacks the terrorists could escape quite easily.

Now how could they escape from such public place ???
How did the terrorist ever know that the bus was coming from a different route ???
More than that how in the damn world was live video of the terrorist's shooting at the bus was captured ???
And how come after such a superb planning no"fucking"body was killed ???
Is it a fucking signal for something even bigger ??? Or is there political hand involved in this shit ??? Did Mumbai Attacks also have a political hand ????

Another sad feeling for me is that the whole media including the whole world is focussed on the injured Sri Lankan players while nobody is talking about the DEAD POLICEMEN !!!! and thats the reason I didn't even want to put the players' picture in my blog.

RIP to all the 6 brave policemen who came to protect the cricket players and in turn lost their lives.

What a disappointment after such a hopeful start to 2009.