Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blue is New ??

Blue..coming in the style of the world and a
Blue..shining like a diamond pearl and a
Blue..walking in a new kinda sound and a
in a town and everybody get down and a..

Alright, thats not how the song might go, but that was the first impression I got when I heard the song playing in the background of the new promo from the upcoming movie "Blue". Its uncanny resemblance to the title song from "New", just that its replaced by "Blue". But that aside, I think this would be a kick-ass soundtrack by AR Rahman, who comes into the filmi scene after quite sometime (actually.. just few months). I dunno why, but after his Oscar victory and Delhi 6, I was waiting everyday to hear something new from him and now it seems like I've waited a long time even though its just few months.

Anyways Stunning visuals, better than usual Bollywood action sequences, hot babes ( Katrina and Lara ) and catchy music pretty much sums up the mildly entertaining promo of Blue where makers ensured everything looks Blue without giving any Clue...regarding the story. I guess there isn't any..well hope not as after a long time I'm seeing an out and out action thriller having AR Rahman's music ( plz dun tell me Ghajini was one ).

Check it out..


Avatar said...

Woah. That trailer was cool.