Monday, September 24, 2007

Indians win a thriller final - last over video

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy...What a thriller today's match was. Till the last moment both teams had equal chance and all of us were waiting with bated breath for the cricinfo screen to refresh and a W to pop out :) ...watching a self-refreshing scorecard has never been so exciting. Its a fantastic finale, well deserved win by our team. Great batting by Gambhir and awesome bowling by RP Singh, Pathan, and not to forget, 2 times in a row, a winner in the last over, Jogindher Sharma. I think I should also applaud Misbah for his single handed show in the end which really raised the tension and drama in the match, especially from the 17th over of Harbajan. An incredible victory

You can also watch the final 5 overs in this link - Click here