Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sivi - Music Review

I would have listened to Bheema songs more if I hadnt come across the completely unknown album "Sivi". With just 3 songs, a remix,a rap and a theme music, this soundtrack easily scores over Bheema in every department. With this movie Dharan has proved that Parijatham wasnt fluke, and he has a lot to deliver in the coming years.

Coming to the songs, the album starts of with 'Mayavi Neeya'. Its a beautiful melodious song structured in a completely different way. A very small pallavi and beautiful violin interlude followed by enigmatic sounds and finally ending in a very catchy charanam. To make it even more interesting Dharan,the MD, made the second charanam much smaller, just the last part of 1st charanam. Very impressive. Just this one song is enough for me to shift away from the entire Bheema soundtrack.

'O Nenje' is second best song for me in this album. Again very very catchy song with a happy feel to it and foot tapping music. This song ends with a rap rendered effectively and uniquely by Dr. Burn of Natchatra fame. Another song which can go on in a loop for a long time. 'O Nenje' remix is again cool, not much different from original though. Just that it has rap interludes which make it more like a rap/hip-hop version.

After hearing repeatedly, i am in luv with the rap bit by Dr.Burn, and so would be many of you, for whom they've added a bit song called Rap Theme to the album. Its the same rap bits featuring in O Nenje song.

'Neruppum' is a good song, but pales when compared to the other two. Its got a familiar beat going in the background...where did i hear that...may be towards the end of "only you" by ARR in Vande Mataram album...hmmm...Nevertheless excellent music arrangement again with Arabic vocals in between. I still havn't listened to this song that many times, as i keep repeating 1st and 2nd song :).

And finally comes the Theme music which starts off with a very dark and a haunting tune and is then followed by Subiksha's opera styled singing which elevates the song to a different level. Breathtaking. I felt this theme was better than the one for Anniyan by Harris where he blatantly copied from Passion of christ. rocked in this one..I sincerely hope this album becomes a huge success irrespective of the movie. I never thought harris or yuvan or for that matter the new kid GV Prakash were a worthy successor to ARR. Infact i don't think there can ever be one. But somehow this guy has some uniqueness to his music, which if exploited can take him to higher levels than the other wannabes. Must buy or download ;)