Friday, September 14, 2007

Om Shanti Om - Music review

For my view on OSO movie click here. For music review, read on..

Friday's are the best days of anyone's life. I don't have to explain why. But one of the factors surely would be new movies and music which get released. In short entertainment unlimited. So what do we have in store this friday. None other than the Numero Uno star Shahrukh khan's Om Shanti Om music album. The one which everyone have been waiting for both in terms of movie and music. Farah Khan created magic with Main hoon na. Even the songs were fabulous. Good work by Anu Malik. Will the same repeat with Om Shanti Om ?? Will the soundtrack find equal success as MHN or more than that ?? Before I go into reviewing each and every song, I have to tell you that Indiafm has hyped the album a bit too much. I don't know how many times they heard the songs before coming to the conclusion they came to.

'Ajab Si' gives a subtle start to the album. Its a nice melody, although not as lilting and beautiful like Kabhi alvida na kehna's title or Main Hoon na's title track. The flute interlude which comes after the mukhda is very soulful. KK as usual is great in this song. But other than that I didnt find anything special in this song. Needs more listenings.

Moving track is the more popular one 'Dard-e-disco', thanks to SRK who finally thought...enough is enough...every small bacha coming to bollywood is showing off their body and i'm just crying or romancing...lemme show the Manly side of myself :)..the song starts off surprisingly with the same tune as " De de pyar de pyar de pyar de re...humein pyar de " from Sharabi. And then Sukhwinder catches on..Once again not a great track. If it wasnt for SRK, I would just have passed on this song. I thought Kaal Dhamaal was a better item song. The video looks promising though, so we never the theater this song might be rocking.

Now we come to my favorite song of the album 'Deewangi Deewangi'. A very catchy song, it keeps changing genres throughout the song. One time you hear bhangra beats and then you hear qawali. And this is the song which features the words Om Shanti Om. Shaan and Udit have sung very well and the whole arrangement gives a joyous celebration feel to it. This would be the song I'll wait to watch on the big screen ( coz i believe there's also Salman and Saif in this song )...I wanna see what would be the reaction in the crowd when SRK goes "All the hot girls put your hands up and say ...Om Shanti Om "...

Next song 'Main agar kahoon' starts with the bells/crystal tune which comes in the background of the first trailor, a beautiful start which is then followed by a mediocre tune quite effortlessly sung by Sonu Nigam. It felt like Vishal Sekhar wanted to give a retro melody with contemporary feel and ended up giving a song. Once again when related to Kal ho na ho or any other SRK's similar type songs, this one falls behind.

"Jag soona soona lage" starts off with the opening tune of Main agar kahoon. Must be a situational sad song which probably would go on in the background. Rahet Fateh ali khan did a wonderful job in Bol na halke halke from JBJ. And he renders beautifully in this one also. This has to be one of the well composed songs of the album. I've started luving this song more after repeated listenings.

"Dhoom tana" is a tailor made song for Madhuri or Sridevi. This song belongs to the 80s style. Nothing great again about this song, has a heard before tune. Abhijit sings the same way, be it any song. Instead VS should have used Udit...remember Kaike paan banaras waala...what energy he put into that song..I don't see that here. Passable song.

Dastaan-E-OSO is the theme song, where we get to hear the kahani of Om shanti Om..I feel Shaan is a misfit in this song..the words seem like its all about revenge and reunion, while his voice aint that powerful. But in the end the song conveys the message it was supposed to. This must be the first heavy orchestration done by V-S. May be this was the reason Farah wanted ARR to compose music...he would have broken all boundaries with this song.

Then come all the remix versions of which Dard-e-disco and Deewangi remix versions stand out.
The album ends with the beautiful Om Shanti Om theme music. For people who wanna burn cds of this album, my suggestion would be to put this theme music as the first track. Very nice and mellifluous tune. In future when anyone talks about OSO, people would relate to this tune.

So there you go...thats my impression of Om Shanti Om's soundtrack. I had lot of expectations which were not completely met. If ARR or Shankar ehsaan loy had composed the music, they would have taken it to a different level with lot of experimentation. The problem with V-S is their inconsistency. Some songs are very good while some are mediocre. And you don't want mediocre songs for big banner movies like Om Shanti Om. Nevertheless its gonna be a hit album, if not superhit, and I am still excited to watch the movie featuring 70s Elvis styled Shahrukh and the pretty Deepika, thanks to the colorful and vibrant promos.


Mayank said...

i'm not much of a listener of bollywood music....but when i want to listen, this blog is one of the recent places i visit to know what should i listen!!!! good analysis, based more on the feel of the music than the technicalities.....mostly what a layman like me searches in the music....certainly strikes a chord with me...i have heard the OSO songs just once and the ones recommended in this review were pretty good!!!

Sirish Minapalli said...

Thanks for ur comments Mayank. I don't listen to each and every music album which comes out. I'm selective in that case as I hav to keep track of hindi, tamil, telugu and english music. So watever I review, u can be assured that its a either good music or a most expected music album.

Syed said...

Hi All,
These songs are really Good!. All credit goes to Kingkhan alone. Now I understand why Sharukh initially does not like the tunes composed by A R Rahman for this movie. Sharukh is king and he sees that everything should be perfect. After Chak de India!, I think its time to promote Sharukh from king to shehanshah! and to demote shehanshah to king. After successive flops of Jhoom barabar Jhoom and Aag… Amitabh should think again his status in Bollywood!. There is no doubt that King khan has reserved the ticket for getting best actor award this year for Chak De India!!. And no one can compete sharukh this year atleast coz there are some actors like hrithik who are like bangladesh cricket team who can win matches with Australia only on their day and not all games!. So you cant compare Hrithik with Sharukh khan!!. Sharukh has got more awards than anyone else in the Industry!. This year the only movie which can compete chak de india is Again Shrakuh khan movie ‘OM SHANTI OM’!!!. But I feel Shrukh will get award for Chak de India- for the emotions he expressed in this movie and ofcourse how can we forget the powerful dialogues!.


Syed Jawahar

Sirish Minapalli said...

Hello Syed, i guess you need to brush up your IQ here. Shahrukh is an actor and not a music director. If the songs are good it has nothing to do with him, credit goes to Vishal-Sekhar. And AR Rahman never composed any songs for this movie, god knows where you got that info from. And dude I pity your quest in demoting a 60+ year old man, who's already lived his bollywood life as a shehanshah, and promoting a 40+ yr old actor, who is self-contended in calling himself the king. I feel like replying to each and every line you posted, as they really tickle my funny bones..I think you are one of those fans doesnt have a clue about music. Please refrain from spamming blogs with worthless comments. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This music is very catchy...I love Dard-e-Disco!! Awesome track, and the video to it looks superb!!! Deewangi Deewangi, is a great meliodious track, lots of singers and from what I've read lots of actors in the picturisation!! Can't wait to see that song on the big screen!

Sirish said...

same here doode..I think the movie would be very exciting to watch on big screen. Farah Khan would easily pull it off. And SRK would for sure mesmerize everyone.

Anonymous said...

in my oppinion it will be a blast and i think not only the music works but the videos are also very importatntand srk has done amazing no one can compete him the. in the videos he is superb

Sirish said...

Farah Khan knows the exact pulse of the audience. She'll surely have the right ingredients to give a total paisa vasool entertainer. I can't wait to watch the movie..

Aks !!!!!!! said...


Shut your eyes and just listen to the music, you will get hooked. Then go see the video and you will be mesmerized. You won’t be able to decipher whether the music or the visualization is better. The biggest good news is that the final product is greater than the sum of its parts.

After OSO, Farah Khan will be acknowledged amongst the best “masalla ” movie makers of Bollywood. She is no Satyajit Ray (and does not want to be one), by design she makes big budget entertaining movies that are totally “paisa wasool”.

OSO will define, “paisa wasool”. But before we get to the movie, first check the music out. Trust me guys, find a quiet corner in your house, shut the lights, shut your eyes and just LISTEN. You will attain Nirvana.

Woh Haseena Woh Neelem Pari, Kar Gayee Aisee Jadoogaree, …Dil Mein … Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Wah Wah, Wah Wah

I thnk Jaaga and Dastane Om shanti Om are brillant Songs -

Sirish Minapalli

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Sirish said...

Thanks Aks...Many websites the reviewers tend to give their views, which might not be the views of millions of other people. So when I write a review, I discuss with many and take their points which they think make the song their favorite and incorporate in my review. Thereby its not biased or self-opinion, rather makes it an honest review which speaks for many. I'll check out your website doode

Anonymous said...

Hi sirish

Nice Review. But, a bit of disappointment with your assessment of 'Ajab si'. It is definitely a fab song , superbly melodious with great should have heard it 3-4 times before giving the review.
anyways..nice review for rest of the cases. also, the music has a lo to do with storyline, so not easy to compare songs of two situations.

Anonymous said...

Nice review of all songs and track by V & S in OSO. But I felt a bit off when you said mismatch of Shan voice for the title song of OSO. Can you name any other singer who could have sung this song better than him. I don't think any one. Just listen it more times and then you will come to know that Shan's voice is perfect for that song.

Sirish said...

Thanks for your comments folks. If you read my review I clearly mentioned that its a good melodious song. But thats aint over the top, all time best song..and i came to this conclusion after hearing it a lot of times..however soon after this album we got saawariya ( many more melodies ), jab we met ( great variety )and johnny gaddar ( class apart ). Compared to songs in those which don't boast of big productions or star cast, Ajab Si or Dastaan are pretty average songs. Dastaan would have been powerful if veterans like Sonu or Udit had sung it. Shaan's voice a bit Cheeni jyaada for this type of song.

Rajan said...

It is very sad that the original score of ‘Aankhon Mein Teri’ is not being identified. It is a remix of the tamil song ‘unnai vida..” in the Kamal Hassan starred ‘Virumandi’ music by Ilayaraja.

Anonymous said...

u r all gayz

shubham agrawal said...

i love shahrukh.. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi i'm razia
I love Shah Ruck so much. he is so nice and handsome and good looking

Anonymous said...

Om Shanti Om songs are cool i love Shahrukh So much i now even like Deepika i love all the songs well please tell Shahrukh that he's my #1 fan of bollywood and worldwide i have watched the movie in the theaters well Deepika is my #2 fan well bye

Anonymous said...

Sharukh Dard e disco

Sirish said...

hey that the effect of SRK droppin off his shirt or did u even luv him from b4 :). jus kiddin..he's the only reason i liked the movie...else farah screwed up in 2nd half.