Thursday, April 17, 2008

AR Rahman Live in Chennai Concert : April 20th, 2008

" Music is Change....and Change is Me " - AR Rahman

The concert, co-sponsored by Times of India, starts at 6.30 pm and is happening at the St. George school grounds opposite Pachaiyappa's College.

Go grab your tickets, if you still havn't !!!

Btw, I thought this was an awesome promo which brilliantly showcased the beauty of Chennai. The music was engaging, having all the elements of Carnatic, folk, and electronic...nice fusion as always from Rahman. Was that flute or nadaswaram used in the music ?? AR Rahman looks cool as usual. The Marina beach, Autos, Nadaswaram, Thavil, Temple, Pujari, streets, Dosai, Paati ( granny ), Metro, Coconut water, kids, Bharatnatyam, people waiting for Water....this IS the Chennai I grew in...this is where I belong. Now I miss my city :(


Anonymous said...

Where do i get the tickets???

- S i R i S h - said...

The tickets are issued by Times of India paper. Pls check there . Turn over the pages and see for the coupon..The free pass coupon is inside the papper. Free pass is only for standing galary. You can get the pass in the times of india office which is in nandanam. Office phone number is 044 24342121. Call them to get more info...I believe for the first time tickets for an ARR show is pretty cheap...don't miss the opportunity...