Monday, April 21, 2008

Ramu's last hope - Sarkar Raj

Well not last really, as his so called "Factory" dishes out 10 - 20 flop movies every year. But if he doesn't give one hit, he sure is in a big trouble.

After a series of bad movies and super duper flops, Ram Gopal Varma is back with the sequel to his 2005 career saving movie, Sarkar Raj. Personally I lost interest in his movies after his 2 brilliant movies Satya and Company. I never even cared to watch his Darna Mana hai or Zaroori hai movies...He should have named it Dekhna Mana hai. But Sarkar was kinda his style of movies. There was also good acting and great background music.

Lets see if he strikes gold with Sarkar Raj. Also we have aishu in this :)


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sista said...

So true. Satya was like Awesome! who can forget Bhiku Maatre - I thought Manoj Bajpai and Shefali Shah were outstanding in that movie. Company, again a very good movie....again terrific supporting cast and the best ever, I think, we'll see of Vivek Oberoi. I thought Rangeela was great too...

What happened after all that? I fail to understand. Sarkar showed glimpses of the old Ramu. The girl who played the cousin (who marries Abhishek) was terrific - great characterization. Kay Kay's character was a great mixture, I thought, of the original Godfather's Sonny and Freddy.

Surely if Ramu was able to give us stuff like that "it" is still in him and maybe this is the comeback vehicle.

....fingers crossed!

- S i R i S h - said...

Yeah man...Bhiku Maatre was an outstanding character in Satya. Even the songs were so beautiful. Vishal Bharadwaj... wow watta composition !!! Ramu changed gears after those two movies...started his factory and gave flop after flop...even me keepin fingers crossed..lets see