Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rahman's Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na and Ada

Rahmaniacs have a reason to celebrate now. Two albums are gonna release soon, may be in the month of May for which trailers are already out. Sakkarakatti is another awaited ARR album in Tamil. I guess Ada might be the first one to be out followed by Jaane Tu ya jaane Na. From the trailer it looks like JTYJN is gonna be a fun, rocking, peppy and youth album, may be in the lines of Rang De Basanti, which would be fantastic from Rahman. Ada seems to be more innocent, deep and delicate love story, so we can expect some mindblowing tunes from Rahman saab :). Here are the just released trailers -

Jaane Tu... ya Jaane Na

ADA - A Musical Journey By A. R. Rahman


sista said...

Now that I know your site, I KNOW I wont miss any good music coming out and I really thank you for that!
Rahman's albums keep me have done a couple of music reviews since Jodha Akbar but I am still stuck in that CD - it is still the default CD in my car and "In Lamhon" has gone from being my most listened to song from the album to one of my most played and loved ever...period!

All I can say is: Theres something about Mary.....umm...Rahman, I mean!

PS: Abbas Tyrewala!...hey that might be a fun movie. Is this Aamir's nephew? Is that why Mansoor is back, albeit with production...

- S i R i S h - said...

yeah sista..even though I've written about 'u me aur hum' and tashan, I'm still hooked on to jashn e bahaara and in lamhon ke. whoever goes with me in my car gets bored as i keep playin the same song again and again..hehehe...the album somehow seems fresh everytime i listen to it.
and yes u r right...its aamir's nephew and thats why mansoor is back..looks like aamir has ghost directed the movie as usual and abbas isnt happy with him :)..and it was aamir who roped in AR Rahman for music and ousted himesh who was the original composer.

jtippu said...

This is amazging. In my case "Man Mohana" is the most listened song from the album (followed by azeem o shaan and khwaja mere khwaja). I am just in love with this song.. so pure and lovely. The flute pieces in the interludes are awesome. The one in the second one always gives me goosebumps. Actually I have set it as my mobile phone tone. Lovely work by the maestro.... Can't wait for Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na.