Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Rakesh Roshan Smokin ???

What do they mean by Rakesh Roshan exposing ? Wasn't it Ram Sampat who exposed the shit out of The Roshans ? Their shameless copying of Ram Sampath's Sony Ericcson Thump music in their Krazzy4 song is out in the open now. And what do they do now ? Well obviously they can't say that Ram's allegations are wrong and that they are ignorant of thump's music. Instead they take another route by saying they knew this music and infact liked it and even contacted Sony, which means poor Ram Sampath is now the culprit of accusing someone of copying his own song. What a joke !!!

Instead the best possible solution to this would have been to oust his own copycat brother Rajesh Roshan, who's been everything but original when it came to delivering music. We all know he gives horrible music to everyone other than his brother, and thus his non-popularity. But even the so-called hit music he gives to his bro is all complete plagiarized stuffs. His Haseena Gori Gori ( Its Summertime by Shaggy), Koyla music (Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis), or Dil na diya ( Inka Wayra ) are few of his popular direct lifts. And who cannot forget Mr. Rakesh's outright copy of Hollywood Classic E.T, Koi Mil Gaya. The only best thing Rakesh brought to Bollywood was/is his own son, the extremely talented Hrithik Roshan.

And thats where I was initially surprised as Hrithik is the brand ambassador of Sony Ericcson. Why couldn't he just tell his copycat uncle that the tune is a blatant copy and just ask him to make a new tune ?

Anyways I think its a very good lesson learnt by The Roshan's. They better be careful next time and not think that whatever they come across is theirs. There is something called Credit. And what does Rakesh mean by this line "This was a well planned scheme of making money. Having all the proof in my hand to defend, I was helpless for want of time."

What is well planned scheme of making money ? Isn't blatantly copying a 1989 Hollywood movie " The Dream Team" and releasing it as Krazzy4 a well planned scheme ? Isn't shameless copying a tune from a fellow Indian musician and not even crediting him and on top of that having superstars dancing to it a well planned scheme ???

Kudos to Ram Sampat who strangulated a biggie like Rakesh Roshan and made him pay the price. I'm sure the media will play a different tune sympathizing towards the Roshans and blaming Ram Sampath, but who cares. To me, Justice has been served.


Dorai said...

I too found it really disgusting how the Roshans have been using the media to their advantage and trying to show off as if they are the victims. Shameless ...
Hrithik and RR talk about his dad's history. You dont need to dwell too deep to find out all his copies..
Sad that some big media companies are playing to their music.
Kudos to Ram Sampat ..

- S i R i S h - said...

yeah dude...I think the whole industry has been so used to all this copy paste business that now if one is caught everyone fear that everybody will get caught. So obviously thieves only take the side of thieves and we, the rest, follow the heroes.