Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kobe Bryant jumps over Aston Martin..and so does Kenny Smith

Inside the NBA has got to be the best post game show there ever is. These three folks, Charles, Kenny and Ernie are absolutely hilarious. They always put on an awesome show and yesterday after the Lakers and Nuggets match, their show even got better when Kenny Smith challenged Kobe that he would also jump over Aston Martin like how Kobe did.

Charles asks him "Are you gonna jump over hot wheels" ..hahahaha..

But no !! Kenny Smith actually goes for the challenge and the end result is one of the most Friggin Hilarious videos I've ever watched...

Oh man..I was literally crying laughing..didnt see that coming at all. They showed it so many times the even Kobe couldn't control himself...check it out

Charles in the end "I'm guessing u r not gonna sell any of those shoes"
LOLOLOLOL....Classic !!